we are a full-service agency

4 players, teams, management, sponsors, and events.

we are supporting outstanding talent to become professional darts players 



doing the boring work 4 you


we book your desired pro players, stars, legends, callers, referees and artists 4 your event

driving & transport

we drive players, teams and things from a 2 b

event management

we design, organize + manage tournaments, leagues, exhibitions + other cool events

legal counseling

we check, negotiate, and create contracts 4 you

multimedia solutions

our division "grooving pixels" designs and implements cutting edge multi media art + solutions for you.

onsite supervision

we take care and support your players and teams at tournaments, league games, exhibitions, and other events onsite


we rent out dart machines, steeldart boards, steeldart tracks, video displays, ipads, and other tournament equipment


we search and find outstanding talent 4 you international

social media

we help you to increase your popularity and brand awareness

travel management

we organize travel and accommodation 4 your players, teams, mcs, referees and artists