lukas wenig


born september 18th 1994 in marburg, lukas has his country of residence in germany. 

started playing darts in 2011​, his dartography includes titles and placements such as:

soft tip:

2019 - winner bavarian open singles

2019 - winner german masters singles 

steel tip:  

2018 - pdc world youth championship quali (winner)

2018 - pdc world youth championship (49th place)

2018 - pdc development tour (2x 17th place)

2019 - pdc challenge tour (9th place)

2019 - pdc european tour saarbrücken (1st round stage)

2019 - bdo luxembourg pairs (3rd place)​​

2020 - wdf dutch open men singles (17th place)

2020 - pdc challenge tour (17th place)

throwing arm: right

shortest leg 501: 11 darts

highest check out: 170
darts: jochen weißmann custom made 22g